Natalia Kharitonova

Natalia Kharitonova, mother of four children got really passioned in photography when her fourth child was born and she realised that she would miss the moments of her kids’s early childhood.  The central aspect, the process of her work, her models is her family. Before her finger touch the shutter release it are ‘real emotions’ she wants to shoot.
Natalia’s work is an intersection of light and life. Inspired by her children and their constant movement, she uses photography as her way of getting to know them and the world around us better. she feels like she can read their feelings and emotions more easily  and more precisely from the photographs rather than their faces. With a photograph you can stare for as long as you want, you can poke, make silly faces. And you get to see the beauty in a way you might not have seen it before. It’s captured and revealed, and every time you take another look, it shares more secrets with you.  
Left to drift, Natalia’s mind always goes to her happy place - new shoots, new locations, ideas on how to frame a shot, how the light will work for her that time of day. She loves what she does immensely, and she believes that the pictures she take say everything she wants to say without her saying a word.
Natalia likes most color photography. She finds color provides more options to show emotions. As a ‘family documentary photographer’ Natalia’s favorite photographers are Annie LeNatalia Kharitonovaibovitz for the feeling of color, and Sally Mann for her documentary. With her Canon 5 D Mark III and 35mm and, 24-70mm lenses , Natalia Prefers shooting in natural light. Her advice: Practice daily and never give up!
• Best International Child and Family Photographer (Moscow, 2015) Third place
• Award nomination International Photo Contest in BW Child Photography, Honorable mention
• Best Family Photographer of the year (Moscow, 2016) Finalist
• Best International Child and Family Photographer (Moscow, 2016) Finalist
• Best Family Photo (Moscow, 2016) Finalist
• International Photo Contest in B&W Child Photography (2017) Third place
• Child Photo Competition “The Magic of Light” (2017)  -Top 30
• Vogue (Italy, 2015)
• Stark Magazine (USA, 2015)
• Exhibit participant Black and White Biennial BCFP (Rome, Italy 2016)
• Exhibit participant Russian Weekly Photo, Moscow 2016
• Digital Photography School, Moscow 2015-current
• Master of Architecture, Volgograg Architecture Academy, 1996
• Houston Center for Photography, member
• Russian Photo Association, member
• Association of Professional Child and Family Photographers, Russia, member

Facebook has removed the FineArtsChildPhotography group in which Natalia's work was displayed along with other photographers. Fortunately her images are still listed in Natalia Kharitonova Photography. She also figures in Vogue and a catalogue of her work is available from the Vogue site.