About Us

About Us

Rainbow Digital Media is a trading name of L.S.Caine Electronic Services. We took over the web services that RDM provides in 2012 and have added them to the portfolio of web based services that we provide and manage. In many cases we provide both hardware and software support for our client base, with local private servers in addition to shared services provided out of our own hardware based in Sheffield. We can provide everything from a simple web site through to a complete workflow system based on our Enquirysolve system. 

The Team

RDM is very much a family affair working all hours to make sure your web present is the best it can be.

lester Lester Caine
Partner & Web Development
Lester is responsible for turning the designs into fully funcional websites, with expertise in CMS. He has travelled the world giving talks on web based databases and web software development. Lester has a keen interest in model engineering and has every intention of building his own traction engine (but it will have to wait until he retires).
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james James Caine
Web Designer & Account Manager
James is responsible for client visits, working with customers to design new sites. James is also the main contact for customers. James has a keen interest in business and likes to work with start-up and established businesses to make sure they are achieving all they can.
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Damian Edge (Married into the Caine family)
Web Design
Damian has a keen interested in design working in house on new trends for website and CSS development. When damian isnt playing with websites he likes to travel with his wife Victoria Caine.
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Sheila Caine
Partner & Finance

Sage wizard and keeper of the coffers. Sheila is in charge of anything financial, she also works as a special needs teaching assistant.
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