This is intended to be a crib sheet to the on-line facilities provided on bitweaver powered sites. Bitweaver provides for on-line editing of content and additionally specialised modules to provide further content related managment. An example of this is the publication and expiary dates on articles, or threading of content pages to provide a blog or forum view of the content. The original design goal was to eliminate the need for separate applications to provide the basic functions of a multi-purpose website, so one has one login, and one 'editor' what ever one is doing. This has been achieved and now forms the base for other functionality such as contact management or customer flow systems.

The system provides options to bolt in a number of different editors using either wiki markup or straight html. For managed sites the straight html approach using CKEditor as the in-line wysiwyg editor provides a nice level of flexability, but for sites where content is provided by members of the public, a more secure markup editor is prefered to prevent unauthorised linking. Both can co-exist if required, but the inital guide is based on CKEditor.

The location of the login button on a site may vary and may provide a direct username and pasword entry, or more usually take you to a login page. Login

My Home Page - Normal default for a user loging in, but may be directed to a site home page
HowTo Index - Growing list of crib sheets on how to carry out common actions.
Editor options - Basic text editor functions standard across all packages
News Items - Create news and other timed articles
Administrator - Site configuration and facilities management
Styling a new site - Guide lines to creating a new site theme for bitweaver4
Form Validation - Documentation relating to the validation of data on forms used on-line
Email Services - Information on the various email services supported

We have additional support pages to help with hardware problems in the Support 101 archive.