101-News Items

Any pictures being used in the item need to be uploaded first. From the Dashboard select Image Galleries Menu -> Upload Pictures. I'm putting the news pictures in the SiteImages->NewsImages folder bottom of the gallery tree, but it may be useful to create additional folders for different topic areas to mike finding images easier.

Back to the Dashboard and select 'Articles->Write Article'. This allows you to create a new news item. Same editor as any text page, so same rules apply. The advanced tab allows you to set the publication date, and the date it will be displayed to.

Title should be a tidy name which google can work with. HOPEFULLY that will be indexed quickly.

Images added will benefit from links to appropriate third party sites. For example quoting an article in another site should link to that article, or exhibition notices should link through to the relevant web site covering the exhibition. These will help improve search engine rankings as it will tie the item to other related material.

Other facilities that the Article/News package provides is an optional topic and type list that can be used to differentiate groups of articles as the archive grows.